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  • Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor
  • Part No.:UL202
  • Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor,RS232/RS485 &Analog Output,No Drawing/Drilling,8~36V
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    Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor All in One Design

    Model: UL202/UL203

    Application: M2M Devices, GPS Tracker, Mobile DVR

    Features & Specification:

    · No Drawings/Breaking in tank, Easy Installation

    · Supported Liquid: Any liquid, Water, Diesel or Gasoline

    · Supported Tank: Plastic/Metal/Aluminum/Stainless Steel,etc. 

    · Resolution: 0.1 mm

    · Accuracy: 99.5%

    · Support: LLS Fuel Protocol, Modbus.

    · Output: RS232(default)/RS485,  Analog 0~5V(default) 

    · Measuring Range: 1m(default) or 2.5m

    · Lowest Liquid Level Detection: UL202 3~5cm, UL202-E  8~12cm

    · Maximum Tank thickness:  8 mm(UL202) , 12mm(UL202-E)

    · Cable Length: 9 meters

    · Power supply: 9~36V DC

    · Waterproof: IP67 for detector, IP61 for controller box

    · Support Brands: Teltonika, Calamp, Atrack, Wireless Link, Queclink, Gosafe,Jimi, Meitrack, Streamax etc.


    How does it work?

    It uses ultrasonic probe to detect the fuel level height and carries out smart processing for height signal of fuel quantity through built-in program of the controllers box

    Then it sends the fuel height data to platform through GPS Tracker/Mobile DVR to generate the fuel quantity report after analysis. 

    How does it compared with Capacitive Fuel Level Sensor?

    The built-in algorithm will maintain the output fuel level data to be smooth, stable and accurate, which will not be affected by road status or shaking.

    It is as good accuracy as capacitive fuel sensor, but no need to draw holes on tank.

    Recommended GPS Tracker that can work with our ultrasonic fuel sensor

    Teltonika: FMB640,FMB630,FMB125

    Queclink: GV200, GV200G, GV300

    Tenet: TA9-2G, TA9-4G

    Meitrack: T336, MVT600,MVT800,T1

    Calamp: LMU-2000, LMU-2100, LMU-2600, LMU-2700 Series.

    FiFotrack: A300, A600

    Dimension of UL202 Probe.jpg

    1. How to connect via RS232 (example for Calamp, more details of other tracker please refer to sales@tenet.com.hk)

    UL202 Connection Calamp by Tenet Instruments.jpg

    2. How to connect Analog?

    UL202 to Analog.png

    3. Recommended AB Epoxy Glue for fixing the probe on the bottom of tank:

    Ultrasonic fuel level sensor AB Glue.jpg







    For more details, please contact Email: sales@tenet.com.hk , Skype: tenet.instrument, Tel:+86-755-82591445

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Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor

Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor,RS232/RS485 &Analog Output,No Drawing/Drilling,8~36V
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